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24 March 2017 20:31PM

Zebra Technologies’ New Mobile Computer Helps Toll Global Logistics Increase Warehouse Productivity

01 Mar 16 ,  Administrator
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 Enterprise-class TC8000 shown to boost efficiency at Toll’s Altona distribution centre

Zebra Technologies


Bangkok, Thailand - February 29th, 2016: Toll Global Logistics, a leading provider and innovator of logistics services in Asia Pacific, has experienced significant productivity gains through the implementation of the TC8000 — the latest enterprise mobile computer from
Zebra Technologies Corporation
(NASDAQ: ZBRA). The enterprise-class mobile computer is a landmark innovation in warehousing technology that will drive significant gains in productivity and decrease worker fatigue. Zebra worked with users around the globe to completely re-think, re-design and re-engineer industrial mobile computers based on deep research and human factors analysis.

ซีบรา เทคโนโลยีส์ นำเสนอคอมพิวเตอร์ขนาดพกพา ช่วยเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพการทำงานให้กับคลังสินค้า


Wayne Harper, senior technical director, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific mentioned

“We’re thrilled that Toll saw such strong results during the trial of the TC8000 in its facility. With its revolutionary design, the TC8000 mobile computer is the greatest advancement in warehousing technology in more than two decades. Companies can expect to boost productivity by 14 percent as the TC8000 will enable workers to be more efficient and deliver more accurate information. Ultimately, this will help businesses operate more profitably.”

Now available in the Thai market, the ergonomic and lightweight TC8000 mobile computer offers an innovative design that reduces muscle effort by eliminating the need for “tilt and verify” motions that warehouse workers repeatedly conduct with traditional devices. Shaving seconds off each repetitive motion can save up to one hour per worker per shift – increasing productivity by an average of 14 percent based on workflow.


Customised Solutions, a service offering of the Toll Global Logistics division that specialises in purpose-built and multi-user warehousing facilities, partnered with Zebra as one of three companies globally to pilot the new rugged TC8000 mobile computer. The results were proven in the demanding environment of one of Customised Solutions’ Altona distribution centres, where the site has seen a rapid improvement in scanning speed and elevated workforce user experience through the pilot. During the pilot, the business measured pick performance against existing devices across a sample of users, providing an opportunity for employees to move to the latest digital technology in their everyday operating behaviours.


 TC8000 คอมพิวเตอร์ขนาดพกพา จากซีบรา

 TC8000 Mobile Computer


Gavin Norman, head of business services, Toll Customised Solutions said “As innovation is a critical part of our culture and customer value proposition, Zebra and its journey in developing the TC8000 are a great fit for us. What we really wanted to achieve was a streamlined operation for our business as well as greater worker experience and productivity across our warehouses. The results we’ve seen to-date are very exciting, and we remain passionate about our work with Zebra and our opportunity to innovate further.”



  • The TC8000’s re-engineered form eliminates the need for “tilt-and-verify” motions — usually needed with gun- style scanners — for faster and more productive scanning.
  • The ergonomic design provides a better center of gravity and is 33 percent lighter than traditional mobile computers, reducing worker fatigue.
  • The rugged Android™- based TC8000 is compatible with existing business solutions such as Terminal Emulation (TE), voice-directed picking (VDP), warehouse management, price audits and store receiving.
  • Zebra’s All-touch Terminal Emulation automatically updates legacy “green screen” interfaces with modern, graphics-based touch screens providing greater usability, increased accuracy and reduced training time.

The TC8000 is the logistics sector’s first hands-free proximity scanner, users can wear the device in a hip holster, shoulder strap, cart or desktop mount and simply pass items in front to scan.


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