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24 March 2017 20:32PM
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TTIS Logistics Digest is a monthly trade magazine in the logistics industry in Thailand. The objective is to update the Thai manufacturers and exporters, particularly corporate members of the Thai National Shippers Council, with news update, trends, new products and services in the logistics segment, as well as any trade regulations and national laws pertaining supply chain, resource planning & management, procurement, transport and logistics. The magazine is published in Thai and English. Articles are printed in either language depending on the contents and the target readers

Logisticsdigest.com, the online home of Logistics Digest, offers readers access to trade trends, in-depth analysis, essential business insights and more for the textile and apparel and fashion trade and up-to-date news of the industry in Thailand, 24 hours a day from any computer anywhere in the world.  The electronic versions of the magazines, or our e-Magazines, can also be viewed online on this sites.

Regular visitors will also receive monthly e-newsletter via e-mailing on coming events as well as contents summary of new issues.