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26 March 2017 17:21PM

Big Issue in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Industry

05 Jul 10 ,  eyefortransport
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An in-depth analysis of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ responses to eyefortransport’s 2010 Executive Survey


The vast majority of respondents were based in North America (46%) or Europe (48%). 4% of respondents were based in Asia (excluding Middle East), with 1% from the Middle East and Africa, and a further 1% from Central or South America.

Supply chain executives from pharmaceutical manufacturers were asked to identify which issues will be their biggest priority during the next 12 months. Cost control was the most notable response, with 69% of respondents identifying it as one of their biggest priorities. Globalizing supply chain (42%) and improving visibility or tracking (35%) were the next most notable responses, with new product launches (23%), outsourcing logistics or distribution (23%), merger or acquisition (19%), sustainability (19%), and outsourcing manufacturing (19%) also popular choices. Managing freight rates or fuel price fluctuations (12%) and changing sourcing practices (12%), were less popular choices, though more popular than forecasting (4%), legislation compliance (4%), and preparing for CA 2015 ePedigree requirements (4%).

Some degree of similarity was seen between the results from respondents representing pharmaceutical manufacturers and the results from respondents representing medical devices manufacturers. Medical devices manufacturers also highlighted cost control, globalizing supply chain, and improving visibility or tracking as being their top priorities, though not nearly as many saw cost control as their biggest priority. Far fewer respondents from medical devices manufacturers saw outsourcing logistics or distribution, merger or acquisition, or outsourcing manufacturing as being their top priorities, while a notably larger number saw forecasting and legislation compliance as being of upmost importance. For a full analysis and breakdown of the medical devices responses.




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